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We publish books and other media to help high-activity sales professionals - those high-flying, fast-moving, prospecting pillars of our business community. We want them to deliver an exchange of value with their customers while selling enough products and services to enjoy a nice lifestyle. We also love those pillars of the sales community know as (wholesale) distribution reps and we will be customizing our products to help them sell more as well.  Thank you for checking us out and please come back as we continue to increase the value offered at this site.

                                                                                   Regards, Lance Cooper, Author, Speaker, Trainer


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Our Featured Book

Every day millions of small business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, service or product providers put on their marketing hats and sales shoes.  Some of them know to use a prospect list.  Others need to look up the word prospect.  These sales professionals socialize at chamber of commerce meetings and show up at community clubs and association meetings. But most don’t know how to manage the activities that will help them achieve sale goals.

Selling BEYOND Survival changes this by revealing the activity management system of a high-activity, sales professional. It provides an easy to learn system and a formula for the Right Levels of Right Activities.™  Read the book.  Learn the system.  Enjoy the rewards of working smarter at activity strategies designed for your wants and needs. Learn to earn a better lifestyle.

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